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The curious thing here, to me, is that people rarely take Athelstan’s feelings into account when discussing possible romantic/sexual relationships with him. Even in all the drama over the past few days, no one once said “Maybe Athelstan’s feelings do matter.” Even if it is Stockholm Syndrome on his part you can’t disregard the feelings because they are absolutely real to the person having them. I just find it so odd that it’s never about his responses….just that it’s wrong and unhealthy and it shouldn’t happen.

Now, in regards to Ragnar’s expressions of desire, he doesn’t constantly go around staring at everyone he loves and/or wants like steak after Lent. There’s raging debate over him and Aslaug and Lagertha for that very reason. There’s only one reason why he wouldn’t look at someone like that….he’s got layers. For all the trouble and hate he gets, he’s a pretty well - written character, and well-acted, to boot. He’s not always looking to poke someone. He feels love and friendship and admiration and fear and distrust and so on…

Surely he doesn’t have to be so one - dimensional to show that he loves and/or desires soneone. If that were the case, we wouldn’t believe he still loves Lagertha…which we know he does.

Random, semi-relevant-to-the-convo thing I remember from a little research: Supposedly Viking culture was OK with m/m sex, but only as a top. So men could fuck their male slaves, vanquished foes, or other men of lower status, but if they bottomed, they’d lose status. Or something like that. 

Which would mean that culturally, Ragnar and Athelstan could’ve had a relationship so long as Athelstan exclusively bottomed. Which .. well… And I have no idea what that would mean for other activities, but I guess theoretically, Floki and Torstein could’ve gotten a bit frisky with each other.

(Note that I may be wrong/misremembering/w’ev. Brain’s a little bit mushy tonight. ;) )

Arrow reax

Spoilers below. DEAR GOD THE SPOILERS.

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Warning: This is going to be an Arrow-heavy blog for a bit …

… at least until Vikings airs tomorrow. I’ll be tagging spoilers, but if you really want to stay spoiler-free, you may want to unfollow until you’ve seen this week’s ep, which is a DOOZY, LET ME SAY. 

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans about Jeremy Renner. (x)

I’ll write that threesome if no one else has. Because unf.

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I just spent the last 20 minutes …

…watching videos of Katheryn Winnick doing taekwondo. 

I regret nothing. 

I’m feeling mediocre right now.


Whenever I get my annual review, I ponder my life, and think:

— I’m average at work

— I’m average at being a mom

— I’m average at relating to my parents

— I’m average at dealing with my health issues

— I’m average at connecting to humans

— I’m average at pretending to be normal

— I’m average at being a fan of various things

So what am I actually good at?

I really don’t know. 

You’re good at doing an awful lot of things all at once. I honestly am in constant awe at the number of plates you manage to keep spinning. You persevere like a snowplow. It’s amazing to watch.

I really want Hillary to run (and win!) but at the same time, I’m kind of dreading the inevitable orbital laser cannon of sexist shit that’s going to be sent up and used not just on her, but on every one of us who dares to support her—especially if we’re female and/or queer.

It was bad enough when she and Obama were in the primaries (and, to my permanent disgust, there was also racism coming from Hillary supporters toward Obama—godsdamned shitstain cocksnots), but if she ends up in the final race, we’re going to be fucking drowning in that.

But I’m still supporting her anyway.

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Hey there, you crazy sonofabitch.

Trufax: I used to actually kind of dislike him because of this role. It was so obviously based on the Hatter character from Syfy’s Alice that it pissed me off, and that sort of colored how I saw him.

Needless to say, I don’t feel that way anymore. ;)

All the promos of 2.09.

Only the fact that Arrow is on tonight is keeping me from wishing I could fast forward to Thursday already. 

(Source: ludwigland)

Watching all these Prince George gifs like



Ahahaah. Yes. I love that baby. 

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Writer of dorky fantasy novels.

Singer of classical stuffs.

Shameless fanthing.

Queer/Genderqueer. Feminist. Progressive. Gen X. Northwest snob. Journalist and media-deconstruction nerd. Happily married and an adoptive parent of a most excellent little boy. Endless pontificator on topics both sublime and ridiculous. Expect both breathless pop-culture squee and wordy rageflails about social justice.

My "home" fandom is Primeval, but these days I'm most heavily into Vikings, Game of Thrones and Arrow. Check my fandoms masterlist to see the other stuff I usually post about. If it has a kickass chick, a charming rogue, and/or an adorkable nerd in it, I probably like it.

I'm an incurable OT3 shipper, particularly of the alpha male/beta male/alpha female flavor, but I ship some pairs, too (het, slash and femslash.) See my ship list for details.

I don't have much time to make fanworks these days, but I have a few fics up on AO3 and some vids on YouTube (under Talea100.)

Fun fact: I had crushes on both C-3P0 and Data.

Favorite Quote

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-Confucious, by way of Buckaroo Banzai