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I am so spoiled by Primeval fandom

I now expect every other fandom to be as drama-free. And … they aren’t. Sigh….

GoT/ASoIaF is the worst at the moment. Between the pink-cheeked fankiddies who seem to have missed the fact that this is not a Disney story, the frothing mean girls who seem to want to be Cersei, and the sexist, mouthbreathing fanboys who fap to the rape scenes, it’s a complete mess. About the only sane/sensible bunch is the Renly/Loras crowd and the Gethings. I’d blame this on Tumblr, but I’ve seen enough of it elsewhere to be depressed about it already.

Sadly, I can’t seem to find an oasis anywhere else yet, either. Fringe fandom still has a ton of Polivia obsessives. W13 still has an ongoing war between Pyka and Hyka shippers. Criminal Minds is a wild, chaotic mess, and there are people doing chibi art and mpreg fics in it. O_o.  Leverage is eerily quiet (though that will likely change shortly) and seems to be heavily Pretzel-centered when it’s not (not that I mind that, actually. Am a trio shipper myself. Just like a little more variety.) And poor Eureka fandom seems to be nonexistent for some weird reason.

The Downton folks mostly seem nice, especially the Allenistas, but that’s basically over for now but for the Chrimbo ep.

Maybe I’ll get back into Sanctuary. Kinda got scared away by the heavy-duty Helen/John shipping, but reaction to the Big Kiss was good enough that maybe it’s worth dipping my toes back in. And I also may go hunting up Grimm and see what that’s like, even though it’s likely still a tiny fanfetus just yet, and we’ll probably have the bad luck to see it get cancelled what with the shitty scheduling.

Gethings and Maddmen…it’s like a marriage made in heaven!


My name is Texty, and I approve of this post. *nods sagely*

About Me


Writer of dorky fantasy novels.

Singer of classical stuffs.

Shameless fanthing.

Queer/Genderqueer. Feminist. Progressive. Gen X. Northwest snob. Journalist and media-deconstruction nerd. Happily married and an adoptive parent of a most excellent little boy. Endless pontificator on topics both sublime and ridiculous. Expect both breathless pop-culture squee and wordy rageflails about social justice.

My "home" fandom is Primeval, but these days I'm most heavily into Vikings, Game of Thrones and Arrow. Check my fandoms masterlist to see the other stuff I usually post about. If it has a kickass chick, a charming rogue, and/or an adorkable nerd in it, I probably like it.

I'm an incurable OT3 shipper, particularly of the alpha male/beta male/alpha female flavor, but I ship some pairs, too (het, slash and femslash.) See my ship list for details.

I don't have much time to make fanworks these days, but I have a few fics up on AO3 and some vids on YouTube (under Talea100.)

Fun fact: I had crushes on both C-3P0 and Data.

Favorite Quote

No matter where you go, there you are.

-Confucious, by way of Buckaroo Banzai