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Other TV reax from the weekend

Just don’t have the time/brainmeats to get to them in any detail, so some short, non-spoilery notes:

-Grimm: Still heavily invested in Trubel. They HAVE to keep her on as a regular next season. HAVE to. Amusing to see Bernard on there. And the key!

-H50 finale: Kind of a letdown, TBH, though that clown-car chase scene was funny.

-Da Vinci’s Demons: I find it hilarious how steampunk this show is considering it’s set a couple hundred years earlier than that era. I think that’s its greatest asset, though. Well, that and Tom Riley walking around being fuckable all the time and having at least two muff-diving scenes so far. I’ll be upset if Leo and Zo never fuck, though. It should happen. Also: Nico remains adorable.

-Warehouse 13: Continues to disappoint me this season. It’s just painfully bad. The only redeeming aspect has been Mark Sheppard, who elevates anything he’s in no matter how shitty. I plan to watch the final ep, but I’ve already decided that I won’t consider this season part of canon. 

Still on the DVR: Continuum and Orphan Black. Will get to those tomorrow.

Weekend TV reax (finally!)

Was riding on so much of a high from the Vikings finale Thursday that it took me a while to actually watch all the other stuff I had stacked up on the DVR. But, I’m caught up, now (well, sort of. Still have to watch last night’s Warehouse 13, too.)

Below the cut will be spoilers for Grimm, H50, Da Vinci’s Demons, Orphan Black and Game of Thrones. 

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She’s a beast.

I mean. How can you not? Unf. UNF.
Srsly. I have SUCH a thing for rangy, mouthy tomboys. She pushes my buttons and then some. 


She’s a beast.

I mean. How can you not? Unf. UNF.

Srsly. I have SUCH a thing for rangy, mouthy tomboys. She pushes my buttons and then some. 

theresa ‘trubel’ rubel || 3x20

Grimm has been getting a little stale of late. She? Has changed that. Big time. I’m in love.

Weekend TV rundown

In which I catch up on shows from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Spoilers ahoy for Game of Thrones, Grimm, H50, Da Vinci’s Demons and Orphan Black. 

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April 2014: My month of fangasms

Ongoing Arrow and Vikings
Da Vinci’s Demons s2
Continuum s3
Game of Thrones s4
TDOS DVD release
Warehouse 13’s final season
Orphan Black s2

Plus shit (finally!) going down on SHIELD and Grimm and also my usual amusement with H50 and Criminal Minds.

Almost every day this month is filled with candy and toys for me. I am one happy little fanthing. :)




I still think Warehouse 13 needs to be considered a bible for all writers/directors/producers on how to make something brilliant that also happens to pass the Bechdel test with flying colors, AND includes canon queer characters, older women, people of color, etc. It’s one of Syfy’s top-rated shows, too, so boom go the “people won’t watch it” excuses for making stuff into nothing but sausage fests. It’s doable. If you can’t/don’t/won’t, it’s because you’re shitty at your job, not because audiences won’t watch stuff without wall-to-wall straight, white dudes.

great point. the show is not above criticism as it sidelines and typecasts poc, as well as ignores positioning Steve as an actively gay character. that being said, the show still kicks some serious ass and this post is a super important point. long live the warehouse!

Points taken, definitely (though I think the latter issue may be improved upon somewhat as the rest of this season goes on.) 

I also have to give credit to Joanne and Jaime, for pushing ahead with the Bering/Wells thing even if it wasn’t originally intended to be canon (and still isn’t, technically.) Kind of funny, really, how the show’s biggest fan-supported ship turned out to be f/f, and traditional m/f-leads het shippers are finding themselves in the position slashers usually are. 

Overall, I think most SFF shows these days are doing diversity much better than their mainstream counterparts. There are still fails now and then, both in the stuff I mentioned in the previous post (SPN, DW, Merlin) and in other stuff (why, if Grimm has a gay showrunner, has it had no gay characters? Weird.) But there’s also been some great progress. Honestly, I think that’s why it’s so jarring when stuff like SPN does fail to be inclusive. It’s just not that common anymore for a genre show to be all white dudes, all the time. We’ve definitely made some great steps forward. 

And speaking of steps forward, I do have to put in a plug for a couple of shows about to have their U.S. debuts on Syfy next month: Sinbad and Primeval: New World. The former has a black lead and other prominent PoC characters, and for once is a fantasy set outside of Europe. And the latter has both PoC characters and a canon bisexual (not to mention one of the most realistic women characters I’ve seen in years in Dylan Weir.) Many of Syfy’s other recent shows have been good, too—Defiance, Continuum, etc. (My issues with Lost Girl are a different post, sadly.) 

I think the conventional marketing wisdom is still a factor. Cable shows do still make only a fraction of the ratings of their network counterparts, and goodness knows the biggest ratings of all are still going to trashy reality dreck, instead of quality scripted stuff. Sadly, many women, queer folk and people of color are still blithely watching stuff that marginalizes or even denigrates them, and straight, white dudes are still considered a target demo, even if they don’t make up the majority of viewers and haven’t for a generation. But we are making progress, and I think there are fewer and fewer excuses to be had now for not being inclusive. The target 18-35 demo takes diversity as a given, not a controversy, so there’s no point in trying to pussyfoot around their delicate sensibilities anymore. The people who did care about such things are aging out of marketing sweet spots, so catering to prejudice just isn’t important anymore. 

Now if only the folks with the purse strings would realize that. ;)


The pain you feel I feel it too
Say the words and I will take it away from you

Hiding Place - Miranda Frigon

Absolutely love this, and it worked so well in the episode.

I totally need to make an A/B/C vid to this song, though.

Actually, it could also apply to pretty much any of my other OT3 or quasi-BFF ships: Mitchell/Annie/George, Sinbad/Anwar/Rina, Eliot/Parker/Hardison, Matthew/Mary/Branson, Reid/Morgan/Garcia, JohnLock, Bruce/Tony, Claudia/Jinks (also Bering/Wells—damn good one for that, actually), Nick/Monroe, Cesare/Lucrezia, Frodo/Sam …

Hell, I may just have to do a multi-fandom vid at this rate!

So is it just me, or …

… did Grimm just literally put Rosalee on a bus?

Granted, that’s a convenient way to handle Bree’s maternity leave.

And no, I won’t mention how I hope this kinda means more Nick/Monroe.  

A short list of male TV characters who could be made canon bisexual

Was just thinking of how few canon bi men there are currently on (scripted) TV. So few, in fact, I can think of only one off the top of my head (Eric Northman.) There are several canon bi women (straight guys like that, of course), and some gay men (though they tend to be desexualized), but bi guys are like freaking unicorns. 

They do, in fact, exist in real life, however (hi, married to one!) so it’d be nice to see that reflected in entertainment. (Especially since we’ve likely seen the last of Jack Harkness.) 

So, to remedy this, I humbly suggest that the creators of the following dudes consider expanding these theoretically (but not yet canon established*) straight** characters’ worlds—and those of the audience, in the process. 

  • Eliot Spencer (Leverage)
  • Eddie Monroe (Grimm)
  • Artie Nielsen (Warehouse 13)
  • Hal Yorke (Being Human)  
  • Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
  • Any dude on Lost Girl (seriously, all those queer women and no queer men? WTF? Granted, there was a tiny hint from Vex, but not enough, especially considering how explicit the show otherwise is. Also, Vex is an amoral manwhore. We don’t need that stereotype.) 

Also, when GoT finally gets around to Oberyn Martell, he’d best remain visibly bi. Hmph.

(I’d also like to see queer characters of any sort on Sinbad and Primeval: New World, but the former is probably very unlikely to go there, and we don’t know enough about the latter, yet. It may well have a queer character on there already—Toby, perhaps?) 

This is just from the shows I watch, BTW. I’d be happy to hear suggestions for characters from other shows. 

Establishing these men as bi, incidentally, wouldn’t be hard. W13 managed to do it for H.G. Wells with one line. All you need is a throwaway reference to a past boyfriend/male date/crush/hookup and you’re there. Another option is a reference to some dude being hot (“I’d do him.”) Granted, I’d prefer something more elaborate than that, but baby steps are better than no steps at all. Hell, Teen Wolf is already halfway there with Stiles. Turning him canon bi would be downright effortless, and the fandom is demanding it anyway. 

Given how much TV has otherwise progressed in increasing diversity, it does seem odd that this area is otherwise a complete desert. I can only imagine that they’re working from biphobic stereotypes (some gay men and straight women do still think bi men are untrustworthy), or they’ve utterly failed to see the enormous slash fan contingent out there, and thus are missing an additional, potentially huge supportive audience. Whatever the case, it’s time to see these guys on TV, and since I’m not seeing any signs of bi men being introduced as new characters, it’s worth, I think, seeing about expanding some of the existing ones.


*Established as being attracted to women, but not established as NOT being attracted to men.

**The reason I say straight characters and not gay ones is because of the risk of straightwashing. Don’t want to go there. 

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My "home" fandom is Primeval, but these days I'm most heavily into Vikings, Game of Thrones and Arrow. Check my fandoms masterlist to see the other stuff I usually post about. If it has a kickass chick, a charming rogue, and/or an adorkable nerd in it, I probably like it.

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