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I still think Warehouse 13 needs to be considered a bible for all writers/directors/producers on how to make something brilliant that also happens to pass the Bechdel test with flying colors, AND includes canon queer characters, older women, people of color, etc. It’s one of Syfy’s top-rated shows, too, so boom go the “people won’t watch it” excuses for making stuff into nothing but sausage fests. It’s doable. If you can’t/don’t/won’t, it’s because you’re shitty at your job, not because audiences won’t watch stuff without wall-to-wall straight, white dudes.

great point. the show is not above criticism as it sidelines and typecasts poc, as well as ignores positioning Steve as an actively gay character. that being said, the show still kicks some serious ass and this post is a super important point. long live the warehouse!

Points taken, definitely (though I think the latter issue may be improved upon somewhat as the rest of this season goes on.) 

I also have to give credit to Joanne and Jaime, for pushing ahead with the Bering/Wells thing even if it wasn’t originally intended to be canon (and still isn’t, technically.) Kind of funny, really, how the show’s biggest fan-supported ship turned out to be f/f, and traditional m/f-leads het shippers are finding themselves in the position slashers usually are. 

Overall, I think most SFF shows these days are doing diversity much better than their mainstream counterparts. There are still fails now and then, both in the stuff I mentioned in the previous post (SPN, DW, Merlin) and in other stuff (why, if Grimm has a gay showrunner, has it had no gay characters? Weird.) But there’s also been some great progress. Honestly, I think that’s why it’s so jarring when stuff like SPN does fail to be inclusive. It’s just not that common anymore for a genre show to be all white dudes, all the time. We’ve definitely made some great steps forward. 

And speaking of steps forward, I do have to put in a plug for a couple of shows about to have their U.S. debuts on Syfy next month: Sinbad and Primeval: New World. The former has a black lead and other prominent PoC characters, and for once is a fantasy set outside of Europe. And the latter has both PoC characters and a canon bisexual (not to mention one of the most realistic women characters I’ve seen in years in Dylan Weir.) Many of Syfy’s other recent shows have been good, too—Defiance, Continuum, etc. (My issues with Lost Girl are a different post, sadly.) 

I think the conventional marketing wisdom is still a factor. Cable shows do still make only a fraction of the ratings of their network counterparts, and goodness knows the biggest ratings of all are still going to trashy reality dreck, instead of quality scripted stuff. Sadly, many women, queer folk and people of color are still blithely watching stuff that marginalizes or even denigrates them, and straight, white dudes are still considered a target demo, even if they don’t make up the majority of viewers and haven’t for a generation. But we are making progress, and I think there are fewer and fewer excuses to be had now for not being inclusive. The target 18-35 demo takes diversity as a given, not a controversy, so there’s no point in trying to pussyfoot around their delicate sensibilities anymore. The people who did care about such things are aging out of marketing sweet spots, so catering to prejudice just isn’t important anymore. 

Now if only the folks with the purse strings would realize that. ;)


The pain you feel I feel it too
Say the words and I will take it away from you

Hiding Place - Miranda Frigon

Absolutely love this, and it worked so well in the episode.

I totally need to make an A/B/C vid to this song, though.

Actually, it could also apply to pretty much any of my other OT3 or quasi-BFF ships: Mitchell/Annie/George, Sinbad/Anwar/Rina, Eliot/Parker/Hardison, Matthew/Mary/Branson, Reid/Morgan/Garcia, JohnLock, Bruce/Tony, Claudia/Jinks (also Bering/Wells—damn good one for that, actually), Nick/Monroe, Cesare/Lucrezia, Frodo/Sam …

Hell, I may just have to do a multi-fandom vid at this rate!

Proper picspam still to come later, but I had to throw this out there, first. This man is so damned gorgeous. Gahhh!

Proper picspam still to come later, but I had to throw this out there, first. This man is so damned gorgeous. Gahhh!

Holy CRAP, this show looks amazing on Blu-Ray. Unnnnnnf. 
Prepare to be spammed, my lovelies! 

Holy CRAP, this show looks amazing on Blu-Ray. Unnnnnnf. 

Prepare to be spammed, my lovelies! 


Inhaling the Sinbad Blu-Ray I just got in the mail. Anwar in beautiful big-screen quality? YISPLZ.

Meme time!

Pick five of your favourite TV shows before reading the questions.

  1. Primeval
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Leverage 
  4. Warehouse 13
  5. Sinbad

1) Who is your favourite character in 5 ?

Tossup between Anwar and Rina. 

2) Who is your least favourite character in 3 ?

Aside from random villains, probably Maggie. 

3) What is your favourite episode of number 1 ?

5x06. The finale. Perfect in every way. 

4) What is your favourite season of number 4 ?

Season 3, though the last few eps of 4 (so far) made up for the slightly-tired early part of the season. 

5) What is your favourite relationship in 2 ?

Renly/Loras. Hands down (each other’s pants.) 

6) What is your least favourite relationship in 3 ?

There is no such thing. I adore them all.

(The original had no #7, so I’m making up my own!) 

7) Which has the best action scenes: 3 or 5?

Definitely 3, for Eliot’s fight scenes alone. 

8) How did you become interested in 4 ? 

Watched it from its very first airing, thanks to liking the promos of it I saw during Eureka. 

9) Who is your favourite actor in number 1 ?


10) Which show do you prefer more : 1, 2, or 5 ?

I prefer the fandom for 1, but the actual quality of 2 wins out over it. 

11) Which show have you seen more episodes of: 1 or 4 ?

Have seen all of both.

12) If you could be anyone from 3, who would it be ?

Eliot Spencer. Who wouldn’t want to be that badass? 

13) How would you kill off your favourite character in 5 ?

Ow! Um. Anwar could die saving Rina or Sinbad, maybe? Some sort of noble sacrifice dealio. 

14) Would a 3/4 crossover work ?

YES. ZOMG, Claudia and Hardison together would be unfuckingstoppable. Of course, there’s also the fact that Saul Rubinek has been on both shows, so it might get a little weird! 

15) Pair two characters in 4 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.


16) Give a random quote from 2.

"I don’t like you, Lord Baelish. I don’t like your face. I don’t like the words that come oozing out of your mouth. I don’t want you in my tent one minute more than necessary. So tell me: why are you here?" - King Renly "Sasspot" Baratheon

(Source: technicolordragon)



Just needed a little pretty Anwar on my dash.


Guys. Why aren’t you watching Sky TV’s adaptation of Sinbad?

No really. Why.

As Former Fearless Leader of Doublestar this is totally something we would have been watching were I around to make you watch it.

SFX describes it as “We’ve been calling Sky 1’s new series Merlin-at-sea for a while now, mainly because it’s a family fantasy adventure, and journalists love dealing in soundbites.” Which is mostly right.

It’s that Doctor Who/Merlin/Robin Hood family-adventure time slot on British TV complete with terrible CG, wacky monsters, and the prop and clothing box of whatever-the-BBC-donated-plus-some-glitter-glue-and-scissors.

We have the adventures of Sinbad, now on the run from the brother of the Emir whose son he accidentally killed in a back-alley fight, and who in a fit of revenge kills Sinbad’s brother, which gets Sinbad cursed by his grandmother to not be able to set foot on land for longer than a day. And this is all in the first five minutes of the show.

Sinbad stows away on the ship The Providence and through a wacky magical storm and some business with a water spirit collects his traveling companions. Anwar, a young doctor who believes in logic and doesn’t like the idea of adventure. Rina, a thief who reminds me of Foxface from the Hunger Games. Gunnar, a former viking now a merchant trying to make up for his past life pillaging northern Europe. Nala, a Princess with a mysterious past. And Cook (Not Pictured).

We later add Tiger. A bounty hunter raised, as you might guess, by Tigers. (She says.)

The show is boat loads of fun (pun entirely intended) and has beautiful scenery of Malta, some parkour-ninjas, a rather naff looking blobby monster, some chickens being sacrificed for black magic, anachronistic costume choices, and only has twelve episodes so far. So you have no excuse to not procrastinate on your work and not marathon this show.


All y’all UKers, Canadistanians and Aussies who can see it legally—go watch! It’s pointless fun, with very, very pretty, very shippable people (as you can see above.)

Did everyone behind the scenes on Sinbad get fired after episode 6?!


Without wanting to put up spoilers…


I’ve been catching up with this show because it’s easy viewing whilst doing craft stuff, and my general impression was it was ‘okay’ but came across as a bit disjointed and amateur. It was like Xena but without any tongue in cheek knowing charm.

Then episode 7 happened and I have never seen a show change direction so radically. Several major characters were removed, the overarching plot was resolved and entirely changed - and this was basically the premise of the show! - some of the characters seemed to have mild personality changes, and the whole thing felt like it was rebooted.

Not that I’m complaining - I feel like episode 7 onwards is a FAR better show. The characters are much clearer now for a start. I felt at the beginning that they were just a blob of random extras who Sinbad met. NOW they all seem to fit and make sense and bring different things to the table. I mean, Cook made no damn sense at all at the start, now his place in the story and what he brings is far more solid. Same for Gunnar and Rina. The stories are better too. They feel like they’ve been written or at least edited by someone who has talent and an understanding of narrative.

I mean, don’t get me wrong it’s not ‘omg amazing!’ but it’s actually interesting and far more watchable now. The overarching plot has more focus and I feel like I could give a crap about the characters now. Also I still like it’s diversity - I like that there’s so many cultures in the crew. I like that the guest role of the crazy scientist/mad professor was given to a WoC - how many times has that ever happened? That’s all good! Which will inevitably mean it gets cancelled now.

But seriously, was there a cull behind the scenes? Did someone watch the first few eps whilst filming and go ‘what is this shit?! Change everything!’. Because I rather respect that they seemed to have realised what was wrong and tried to fix it so immediately. You rarely see that during an actual series.

Sinbad is made by the same people who did Primeval, and I get the feeling they were planning for a possible series split, like what happened with s 4/5 of that show: they shot all the episodes at once, but put in two distinct umbrella arcs, so they could have a clean split point if they needed to.

So basically: 1-7 is kind of series 1, and 8-12 is series 2. The umbrella plot for the first series would be Sinbad vs. Akbari, and for series 2 it would be Sinbad trying to find his destiny. So yeah, each series has a slightly different feel and different cast emphasis, etc. 

I’m really enjoying it either way, though. I miss [redacted], but I’m also enjoying the dynamic with the new characters, too. I’m also liking some of the unexpected character turns, and surprising depth here and there. It’s generally hit or miss—much like Primeval and similar shows (Robin Hood, for instance), but when it hits, it hits very well. 

I’m really glad Syfy’s going to be airing it in the U.S. next spring, and I do hope it gets picked up for a third series.  

Sinbad 1x10 notes
Aside from my bb Anwar being pretty … I think my theory about Cook is right.
Still don’t trust Tiger, though I’m sensing some nice Foeyay between her and Rina. Yum. :) 

Sinbad 1x10 notes

Aside from my bb Anwar being pretty … I think my theory about Cook is right.

Still don’t trust Tiger, though I’m sensing some nice Foeyay between her and Rina. Yum. :) 

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