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This clusterfuck of a final season for W13 has me trying to think of series finales that really worked for me—that gave closure in a good way. So far, the only one I can think of is Leverage, and maybe Primeval (if you don’t include PNW.) Sanctuary was OK, but felt a little off the whole final season. Any others?

In Memoriam

A moment of silence, please, for these fantastic, long-running shows, which lost their battle for ratings and network support in 2012:

  • Sanctuary, Age 4 (Syfy: Last episode aired Dec. 2011; cancellation announced May 2012)
  • Primeval, Age 5 (ITV: Finally killed in summer after a long life-support tease)
  • Eureka, Age 5 (Syfy: Cancelled in 2011; last episode aired summer 2012)
  • Fringe, Age 5 (Fox: Final season announced April 2012)
  • Merlin, Age 5 (BBC: Final season confirmed Dec. 2012)
  • Leverage, Age 5 (TNT: Cancellation confirmed Dec. 2012) 

Honestly, I think we should all form a multi-fandom support group. We’ve lost too many of our beloveds over the past couple of years. :( 



I’m sorry, I’m still waiting for the Primeval fandom to receive all of this sympathy from the SuperWhoLockians like the Merlin fandom’s getting.

Primeval got a spin-off! They’re not dead… thus, not a reason for total devastation.

Granted, it’s a Canadian spin-off and lacks Conner, Abby and Lester but Andrew Lee Potts still made a cameo in the pilot

I think that’s a factor, yeah. The premise and the universe are still alive with PNW even though the UK team as we knew it won’t ever have their own show again. 

Semi-related, I think part of the problem is that PUK didn’t die decisively like other shows (not just Merlin, but Eureka, Fringe, Sanctuary, Robin Hood, etc.) Instead of a clean kill, ITV played Weekend at Bernie’s with its corpse long after it had already become a fossil. The net result: even some people in the fandom still think there’s a chance it might come back, because they don’t know that “no plans for series 6” is TV-speak for “we’re never doing this again, ever.” 

Frankly, it pisses me off, because it means we never had a proper mourning period. We never had a chance to really grieve for what is well and truly lost because ITV refused to give us closure in a way that everyone clearly understood.

Of course, that’s par for the course of how they treated the show the entire time. They wanted the same kind of ratings DW got for BBC, nevermind that ITV doesn’t get those kinds of ratings for anything except soaps and cheapass reality shows. They couldn’t justify killing it outright, though, because its ratings were decent enough (early on) to keep up a fanbase. So instead of just being honest and saying, “This show is too expensive to produce compared to its ratings. Sayonara.” they strung Impossible and the fans along for three more series, all while refusing to do much in the way of promo so it died on its own. Pathetic cowards, if you ask me.

But, yeah. We never got much sympathy because it was never clear to the metafandom that it was indeed a prehistoric ex-parrot. 

specificskillset asked: Multiples of five :)

Clever! OK:

5. Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what

I’ve written a few tongue-in-cheek fics, but probably the best-known silly thing is the little parody vid, The Hatter Your Man Could Smell Like.

10.  Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over 

Criminal Minds, definitely. I wrote it off as a CSI clone until I saw people posting mondocute pics of Reid and Garcia everywhere. Then I mainlined the first six seasons over one summer, and the rest is history. 

15. Choose a song at random, which OTP does it remind you of

My shuffle’s first pick: K.T. Tunstall/Suddenly I See

Technically speaking, this song is about hero worship from a young woman to an older, more experienced one. In that frame, I’d make it Jess/Emily (Primeval.) I could also see it working for Cally/Kara (BSG) which I actually did ship in early seasons. 

20. Do you remember what your first fanwork was?

I do, but I plead the fifth, as it was a dreadfully horrible bit of author-avatar porn regarding a band I was into at the time. And by at the time, I mean when I was 17. And stupid. And … yeah. Eep.

My first fanwork in my current primary fandom was the Connor/Hatter epic, Connor’s Adventures in Wonderland.

25. A fandom you’re in but have no ships from 

I don’t really get active in very many fandoms, but of the stuff I regularly consume, I don’t actually ship anyone in Merlin. I see the Merthur bait, big time, but other than being amused by it, it doesn’t really do anything for me.

I also never really had any ships in Sanctuary. I had a vague Henry/Tesla thing for a while, but that was it. 

Shipping meme

Six ships you’re into right now:

(Parentheses are wildcards—can enjoy the ship without them, but it’s more fun with!)

1. Abby/(Becker)/Connor - Primeval

2. Renly/Loras/(Margaery) - Game of Thrones

3. (Eliot)/Parker/Hardison - Leverage

4. Jo/Zane/Fargo/(Holly)/(Claudia) - Eureka/Warehouse 13

5. (Reid)/(Morgan)/(Garcia) - Criminal Minds (any combo of those three works for me!)

6. Harker/Nikolai/(Celeste) - True Bloodthirst

Three ships you liked, but don’t anymore.

7. Eric/Sookie - True Blood

8. George/Annie/Mitchell - Being Human

9. Henry/Kate - Sanctuary

Three ships you never liked.

10. Becker/Jess - Primeval

11. Sansa/Sandor - Game of Thrones

12. Bill/Sookie - True Blood

Two ships you’re curious about, but don’t actually ship.

13. Nick/Juliet/Monroe - Grimm

14. Sansa/Lancel - Game of Thrones

Questions: (Under the cut) 

Read More

Looking for something new to watch?

Here’s a list of some of my favorites. Chances are good that if you like one of the shows on this list, you’ll probably like a few more.

Amazon has all of them at least on DVD—and has most of them streaming as well—and Netflix and iTunes should have them, too.

  • Eureka
  • Primeval
  • Lost Girl 
  • Sanctuary
  • Warehouse 13
  • Leverage
  • Fringe
  • Grimm
  • Torchwood
  • Witchblade 
  • Supernatural
  • Painkiller Jane
  • Sherlock 
  • Criminal Minds
  • Numb3rs
  • Merlin
  • Robin Hood
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Being Human 

And now for something slightly different

Looking back at Gillian Horvath’s CV, I see that she’s done a lot of queer-friendly stuff. Not just the whole business of confirming that Helen Magnus is canon bi, but she also wrote a bunch of eps of a gay soap opera. Love it. 

Dare I hope we have a gay or bi character on New World? I would seriously explode in squee if they went there. 

And then they can have Becker guest star, and get hit on by the queer guy, and …


Oh. Sorry. ;) 

Amid all this Primeval sadness, some good news

Stumbled across some info about New World, and found out that producer/writer Gillian Horvath and director Martin Wood are involved. And I may have peed a little, I was so excited by this!

For those unfamiliar, both have played a very large role in Sanctuary, which is a fantastic show that has a lot of similarities with Primeval (core team managing monsters and their own personal demons, etc.) They’re also veterans of some of the best (IMHO) in past genre TV: Stargate, Andromeda, Highlander, Painkiller Jane and many, many more. 

The best part, though, is that I happen to know Gillian, at least, is a huge Primeval fan going into this. So she’ll be approaching this as both a veteran of shows in a similar vein, and someone who loves the original. So that, plus the fact that Impossible is still playing a big role as a producer, tells me we’re going to be in VERY good hands for this new show.  


I am so spoiled by Primeval fandom

I now expect every other fandom to be as drama-free. And … they aren’t. Sigh….

GoT/ASoIaF is the worst at the moment. Between the pink-cheeked fankiddies who seem to have missed the fact that this is not a Disney story, the frothing mean girls who seem to want to be Cersei, and the sexist, mouthbreathing fanboys who fap to the rape scenes, it’s a complete mess. About the only sane/sensible bunch is the Renly/Loras crowd and the Gethings. I’d blame this on Tumblr, but I’ve seen enough of it elsewhere to be depressed about it already.

Sadly, I can’t seem to find an oasis anywhere else yet, either. Fringe fandom still has a ton of Polivia obsessives. W13 still has an ongoing war between Pyka and Hyka shippers. Criminal Minds is a wild, chaotic mess, and there are people doing chibi art and mpreg fics in it. O_o.  Leverage is eerily quiet (though that will likely change shortly) and seems to be heavily Pretzel-centered when it’s not (not that I mind that, actually. Am a trio shipper myself. Just like a little more variety.) And poor Eureka fandom seems to be nonexistent for some weird reason.

The Downton folks mostly seem nice, especially the Allenistas, but that’s basically over for now but for the Chrimbo ep.

Maybe I’ll get back into Sanctuary. Kinda got scared away by the heavy-duty Helen/John shipping, but reaction to the Big Kiss was good enough that maybe it’s worth dipping my toes back in. And I also may go hunting up Grimm and see what that’s like, even though it’s likely still a tiny fanfetus just yet, and we’ll probably have the bad luck to see it get cancelled what with the shitty scheduling.


i haven’t been kissed like that in a very long time

And this is why Sanctuary is one of my favorite shows. Well, that and the constant geeky in-jokes, Henry being so fucking adorbs and Tesla being a snarky god from Snarky Godville.


i haven’t been kissed like that in a very long time

And this is why Sanctuary is one of my favorite shows. Well, that and the constant geeky in-jokes, Henry being so fucking adorbs and Tesla being a snarky god from Snarky Godville.

About Me


Writer of dorky fantasy novels.

Singer of classical stuffs.

Shameless fanthing.

Queer/Genderqueer. Feminist. Progressive. Gen X. Northwest snob. Journalist and media-deconstruction nerd. Happily married and an adoptive parent of a most excellent little boy. Endless pontificator on topics both sublime and ridiculous. Expect both breathless pop-culture squee and wordy rageflails about social justice.

My "home" fandom is Primeval, but these days I'm most heavily into Vikings, Game of Thrones and Arrow. Check my fandoms masterlist to see the other stuff I usually post about. If it has a kickass chick, a charming rogue, and/or an adorkable nerd in it, I probably like it.

I'm an incurable OT3 shipper, particularly of the alpha male/beta male/alpha female flavor, but I ship some pairs, too (het, slash and femslash.) See my ship list for details.

I don't have much time to make fanworks these days, but I have a few fics up on AO3 and some vids on YouTube (under Talea100.)

Fun fact: I had crushes on both C-3P0 and Data.

Favorite Quote

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-Confucious, by way of Buckaroo Banzai